Customers Included, by Mark Hurst.

Customers Included (2nd edition) cover

Customers Included, by Mark Hurst.

Customer experience pioneer Mark Hurst has written the definitive guide to building a better customer experience. It's packed with case studies of what to do (or not), and how to create change in any organization that wants to serve the customer better.

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Customers Included is chock-full of fascinating real-world business stories and lessons, each of which illustrates the enduring power of the single greatest business principle ever created: the Golden Rule. And if you wouldn’t practice that on your customers, with whom would you?!

Danny Meyer

Author, Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business

Every entrepreneur and venture investor should read Customers Included. I will be handing out many copies!

Albert Wenger

Partner, Union Square Ventures

So many times we have an urge to jump in and solve product problems without taking the basic steps required to understand who we’re building for. Customers Included is a great reminder of what can go wrong when we start from the wrong place.

Anthony Casalena

Founder & CEO, Squarespace